Chestnut Flour Muffin-in-a-Mug

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We have discovered another amazing grain-free flour: chestnut flour! Made from starchy chestnuts, it’s easy to use and has a slightly sweet, whole-wheatish (that’s totally a word) flavor that makes this bread taste so much like real bread that you’ll wonder if there’s wheat in it (but there isn’t)! This muffin is great with breakfast or as a snack. You can buy chestnut flour on Amazon, or you can check your local health food store. Enjoy!

Chestnut Flour Muffin-in-a-Mug

By March 7, 2014

  • Prep Time : 3 minutes
  • Cook Time : 2 minutes
  • Yield : 1 serving
  • Allergens : , ,
Nutrition facts :



Whisk egg with coconut milk. Stir in flours, coconut flakes, baking powder, and apple cider vinegar and mix very well (chestnut flour tends to clump). Pour into a large mug or small ramekin. Microwave on HIGH (100 percent power) for 90 seconds or so. Cool and enjoy!
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2 Responses to Chestnut Flour Muffin-in-a-Mug

  1. deb

    hello can’t wait to use the recipe. however, can i steam or bake with this recipe? as the microwave does not too appealing. thanks

    • Heather R.

      Hi Deb,
      I have never tried it with other cooking methods besides the microwave, but I’m sure you could try baking it. I would try 350 or 375 degrees Fahrenheit, though I am not sure of the baking time. I’m sure it would work to some degree. Let me know if you try it!

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